1. Malator in Druidstone, Wales

underground real estate

This contemporary house is touted as one of the architectural masterpieces of Wales. According to his website: 
«The grass roof, the steel chimney and the peephole door inevitably gave way to his local nickname as ‘the house of Teletubby’.

The basic design of Malator is very simple, with essentially an interior room, divided by prefabricated colored pods, while on the outside, the house is combined with the surrounding landscape. «


2. Hidden house in Lower Silesia, Poland


Located in Lower Silesia, this house is designed to be completely invisible from most angles. The Silesian language has gone through difficult times in Lower Silesia after the population underwent an almost total replacement during and immediately after the Second World War, and today most of the area speaks general Polish (the Silesia argument) is an independent language or a continuous Polish dialect).

The Hidden House is designed so that only the owner has access to the beautiful grassy area. Unlike many underground homes, the Hidden House has some windows in the lower area that let in some sun.


3. Cave House in Festus, Missouri

underground real estate

This modern and efficient 15,000 square foot house is built inside a sandstone cave in Festus, Missouri. Built by Curt and Deborah Sleeper, the house has modern interiors that match the natural walls of unfinished sandstone. Thanks to geothermal heating and intelligent design, there is no need for air conditioning or an oven to heat / cool the house.

This space was previously used as a concert hall and skating rink! He gained fame by being auctioned on eBay before becoming a private residence.


4. Flower petals in Bolton, United Kingdom

underground real estate

This underground house does not really exist yet. 
Former Manchester United captain Gary Neville has planning permission, but has not yet begun construction on this amazingly-looking 8,000 square foot house.

Designed to be energy efficient, the petal-shaped opening is designed to allow light to enter the house as well. Even if it’s just an architectural drawing, it’s so well thought out that it had to be included.

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